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jQuery 1.7 ready with new on()/off() feature by jqueryexample

The most popular JavaScript library jQuery 1.7 has been released you can now be downloaded from jQuery CDN.



The new event .on() and .off() methods handle the new method of event binding. So there’s no need to use bind(), delegate() or the older live() calls the simplified .on() and .off() methods consolidate these disparate methods into single, simplified, shortened and consolidated methods.

$(elements).on( events
[, selector] [, data] , handler );
$(elements).off( [ events ]
[, selector] [, handler] );

Better Support for HTML5 in IE6/7/8: This release also offers better support for HTML5 tags such as header, footer and article.Improved Performance on Delegated Events.It also fixes a problem that earlier releases had with toggling animations.

There is a new method jQuery.isNumeric()introduced which returns true if a value is a number:

$.isNumeric(10);// true

New Callbacks() object: The jQuery.Callbacks() object returns a multi-purpose object used to manage callback lists.

Removed Features

event.layerX or event.layerY

For further details of all the new features, refer to the 1.7 documentation page.


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